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Referral Point System

We are happy to announce that we have initiated a Referral Rewards Program here at Gracie Barra Charlotte.

For every referral a student makes, the referring student will receive a $100 credit (as long as the referral signs a year long agreement). The credit will be awarded 90 days after the new student signs (as long as the referred student is still active at that point), which can be applied to the membership fee, a GB Wear order, or Private Lessons.

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions, and be sure that your referral informs us that you sent them!! We have school flyers, VIP cards, and business cards you can use to hand out at work, your children’s school, among friends and family, or at events. Just stop into the office to obtain a few if you need.

Thank you for your support! There is no GB Charlotte without you!

Refer Away!!!

Thea & Diogo

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