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November 1st schedule changes

Please note the schedule is changing NOVEMBER 1st, 2015.

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Fundamentals & All Levels Classes: Any Belt.

Fundamentals & Adolescents Class (12-15): Any adult belt and adolescents by invite only. Adolescents train together but in an adult setting. This class is run like an adult Fundamentals class so adolescents in this class are expected to train like an adult in the mature setting.

Women’s & All Levels:  This is an All Levels class where the women can train together with their personal instructor at the same time the men are training a Fundamentals level class.  This  is designed to allow women to continue training together but in an environment which would allow them to broaden their training partners should they desire.

Women’s Class: This is a women’s only class. The level of the class will be determined by the level of students who show up to train.

Advanced Classes: White Belt 3 Stripes and Up

Black Belt Classes: Blue Belt and up. Gracie Barra No-Gi uniform is required for the No-gi class (GB shorts and GB Rashguard).

Open Mat and BJJ Drill— Open to all levels. This class is designed for students to use the time and  further study and drill techniques from that week. Professional instructors will be present to assist with any questions regarding that weeks curriculum.

Tiny Champions: This class is for children 3-5y old.

Kids Class: This class is for children ages 6+.

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