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Kristopher Kerwin

Gracie Barra Charlotte feels like home. I’ve trained around town… I’ve enjoyed everyone’s training, different experience and teachings. I personally, feel that training in a clean, pure BJJ environment is crucial to advancing myself on and off the mats. Under the instruction and care of Professor Diogo and Coach Thea I feel as if I am a part of something greater. I truly look forward to meeting more of the GB Family if they are anything like here… The instruction was well put as un-matched, but I would take that one step farther. Professor is highly skilled, well-rounded, patient, graceful, and knowledgeable in BJJ. The best take downs and throws I’ve experienced yet. Now, I am confident in my standing game, and I owe it to professor and his lineage. Overall, I would not rather be anywhere else. The family of students and our environment reflect Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at its finest.

Conveniently located, there’s nothing to lose for anyone to give it a shot.  If Your interested in a kids program, You have to drop by and see for Youself. Great Program – I look forward to seeing all of the kids blossom! Thank You Professor Diogo and Coach Thea, You have truly enlightened my BJJ experience!


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